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1. Kiwifruit supplementation stimulated BER:
Nutritional modulation of DNA repair in a human intervention study
Collins et al. Carcinogenesis 2003


2. Folate deficiency is associated with lower repair activity.
Repair capability was measured using a ’host cell reactivation assay’. Lymphocytes were transfected with plasmid damaged with a chemical carcinogen. The plasmid carried a ’reporter gene’; only when successfully repaired does it produce a signal - in this case, radioactive incorporation. Thus the amount of incorporated radioactivity, after incubating the cells containing the plasmid, gives an indication of the repair capacity.
Association between Low Dietary Folate Intake and Suboptimal Cellular DNA Repair Capacity
Wei et al. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention

3. Feeding volunteers with carrots enhanced the ability of an extract of their lymphocytes to make a ’repair patch’ in oxidatively damaged plasmid DNA:
Evidence that dietary supplementation with carotenoids and carotenoid-rich foods modulates the DNA damage: repair balance in human lymphocytes
Astley et al. British Journal of Nutrition 2004