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Welcome to the Pediatric Portal of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. The goal of the portal is to provide you with e-learning tools. The portal is, and will always continue to be, a work in progress. Any critique or input from you, the user, is welcomed.
To the extent that you are aware of learning tools or links that you feel will be useful to other students, and which are not currently included in the portal, please let us know. If you would like to contribute to the development of such tools, summer grants may be available for projects. Do not hesitate to contact us at:
The portal is organized in chapters/folders. Inside each chapter you will find links to useful stuff on the www, as well as material produced locally here at UiO. At the outset such locally produced tools will be limited, but our goal is to gradually increase both quantity and quality. Material on the www is quite varied in the use of technology. Some links are in reality textbooks, textbook chapters, or articles much as you would see them on paper. We have included such links to the extent that we have found them useful.
The Portal is currently undergoing a process of revision. “Dead” links will be removed (or updated if the new home of the link can be found), and new and useful links that have appeared since this Portal was last revised will be added to increase its utility. This work is likely to take several months, and will be done chapter by chapter. If you have found and used resources which, in your experience, are useful for medical students, please let us know by emailing the above address.